A collaboration with Short Anthology

Short Anthology asked me to read and respond to a short story. Hope you enjoy the images...

I took pictures in response to the story 'The Coast' by Jon Raymond from the book ‘Livability’











Over time I came to imagine Judy and the coast as somehow the same. It was like her spirit seeped into the Manzanita and yellow swamp lanterns, the clapboard chowder bars and the chapped whale murals.











I skirted the edge of the tide, avoiding heaps of bullwhip kelp and seagull carcasses and blobs of broken jellyfish, and tried to imagine Judy walking alongside me.










In the winter we prowled from Astoria all the way down to Coos Bay looking for cheap hotel rooms, and took midnight walks alongside the frigid surf in search of glass buoys and whatever else the current might wash in.









I missed her so powerfully I thought I might collapse. It was like an imploding star in my chest. I wanted only to hear her voice on the phone, her incredulous guffaw. I wanted to feel her hand on my back while I dried the dishes. The thought of her final moments, the fear she must have felt in the road, was almost too much to bear. I could imagine the hard asphalt against her cheek. The sight of her blood. The vibration of the passing cars, and the streaking lights. All of it, sucked into the past, never to return.






I short the images for the most recently released edition of The Short Anthology which you can buy online at www.theshortanthology.com